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Senior Spotlight - Jesi Foreman

Picture of male student and short description of his high school memories

Jesi has been a familiar face in the halls of BG Christian Academy since Kindergarten. As he embarks on his college journey, we take a look back at his time here at the Academy and his exciting plans for the future in his Senior Spotlight!

Jesi's BG Christian experience involved a variety of activities, from the soccer field to the stage. He participated in theatre and found a passion for music in the band. However, two teachers stand out in his memory: Mrs. Dally, who ignited his love for art, and Mr. Bock, his "chill" yet effective 5th-grade teacher.

Jesi's most significant accomplishment? Stepping outside his comfort zone and taking a theatre class. He not only participated but even landed the lead role of Aslan in "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe." This experience highlights the supportive environment at BG Christian, where taking risks and exploring talents is encouraged.

Picking a single favorite memory proved difficult for Jesi. He cherishes the experience of growing up alongside his classmates, many of whom he's known since elementary school. This strong sense of community, where students feel like siblings, is what Jesi will miss most. He values the open and supportive relationships with teachers who are available to address academic, emotional, and even spiritual needs, while still allowing for lighthearted interactions.

Jesi's hard work and dedication have been recognized through numerous scholarships including the new "Ohio Governor's Merit Scholarship" and several other prestigious scholarships from Cedarville, Bluffton, Findlay, and Grace Universities. We at BG Christian are incredibly proud of his achievements and wish him all the best in his artistic endeavors!

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