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Senior Spotlight - Luke McCool

Updated: Jun 7

Male student with a short description of his experiences during high school

Luke isn't just a graduating senior at BG Christian, he is part of our exclusive group of students who have received the "Heart of the Lion" honor as a K-12 graduate! Starting in Kindergarten, Luke has spent his entire school career immersed in the caring and supportive environment of BG Christian. Hear more about his experience at the Academy in this Senior Spotlight...

Over the years, he's been a familiar face on the soccer field and the cross-country course, but his impact goes beyond athletics. Luke fondly remembers teachers like Mrs. Hackett and Mrs. Richards, who brought a touch of humor and warmth to the classroom. These positive experiences, along with the supportive community, are what Luke cherishes most about BG Christian. "The loving Christian community with both teachers and students will never change," he says, "I've made many friends here and the teachers are very caring towards students."

This sense of community fueled Luke's passion for service. He unofficially became the "school tech support," a role that he says allowed him to help others while gaining valuable skills for the future. Speaking of the future, Luke plans to attend Cedarville University, majoring in Cyber Operations and Cybersecurity. His time at BG Christian, with its emphasis on both academics and service, clearly shaped his path!

One memory that always brings a smile to Luke's face is from his 5th-grade trip. (Let's just say it involved a misplaced pair of principal's shoes!) But beyond the funny moments, what Luke truly values about BG Christian is the strong Christian community. The friendships he's forged and the care shown by his teachers have left a lasting impression. In his own words, "I wish that the loving Christian community with both teachers and students will never change."

Congratulations, Luke! We at BG Christian are incredibly proud of the young man you've become and excited to see what the future holds in the exciting world of technology.

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