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Senior Spotlight - Logan Tezak

Male student with a short description of his experiences in school.

Imagine starting at BG Christian in Kindergarten and walking those halls for thirteen years! That's the remarkable story of Logan, the last of our graduating seniors of 2024 and the final recipient of our "Heart of a Lion" honor to students who have attended BG Christian K-12th grade. Discover what impact BG Christian has had on him in his Senior Spotlight...

Logan's journey at BG Christian has been one filled with exploration and discovery. He wasn't afraid to dive into a variety of activities, from the competitive spirit of soccer to the mental focus of Chess Club. He belted out tunes in Band and Choir, built fantastical creations with the Lego Club, and put his thinking cap on for Quiz Bowl and Math Olympics.

But Logan's fondest memories go beyond trophies and achievements. From Mrs. Nic's nurturing kindness in third grade to Mr. Bock's legendary Scatterball games in fifth, each educator left a positive mark. He also highlights Mrs. Hill for fostering his humility and writing skills, and Mrs. Magrum for her infectious enthusiasm that brightened even the toughest days.

But ask Logan about his favorite memory, and a smile lights up his face. It's not a game-winning goal or a stellar performance. It's the time he spent with friends Jesi and Liana in Pre-Calculus, building a miniature golf course for the Science Symposium. This project wasn't just about science; it was about the culmination of years of shared jokes, inside stories, and the camaraderie that comes from being classmates.

What will Logan miss most about BG Christian? The genuine connection with his teachers. He cherishes the experience of having educators who were more than just instructors; they were mentors and friends. This positive and supportive environment, he believes, is what sets BG Christian apart.

As Logan embarks on the next chapter at Olivet Nazarene University, majoring in Data Science, he carries with him the valuable lessons and memories from BG Christian. We at BG Christian wish him all the best and know he'll continue to thrive with his inquisitive mind and friendly spirit. Great job, Logan!

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