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Senior Spotlight - Chloe Hotz

female student with short description of her high school experience.

While most seniors have spent their entire high school careers at BG Christian, Chloe's journey is a little different. First attending 4th-6th grade, she returned for her sophomore year, bringing a fresh perspective and a lot of heart. On the court, Chloe dominated, earning "Volleyball Player of the Year" two years running and also received an ICSO All-League Honors award her senior year! But it's the supportive environment at BG Christian that she truly cherishes. Here's more of what she shared for her Senior Spotlight...

The sense of community here is incredible Chloe noted. Mrs. Magrum, especially, has been a constant source of support, acting like a second mom to all her students. Whether it's catching up on schoolwork or just needing someone to talk to, Mrs. Magrum is always there.

One memory that sticks out for Chloe is volunteering at The Nest on Community Day. Seeing everyone come together to give back solidified the importance of helping others, a value BG Christian has always emphasized.

Speaking of giving back, Chloe's next chapter takes her in a surprising, yet purposeful direction. She's heading to the US Navy in July for boot camp and then training to be an Informations Technician.

As Chloe sets sail for the future, one thing remains a constant: her unwavering appreciation for BG Christian. The love the teachers have for their students is something she'll never forget, and something she hopes will never change.

We here at BG Christian are incredibly proud of Chloe and her accomplishments, both on and off the court. We can't wait to see what the future holds for this inspiring young lady!

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