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The Magrum Family

"We love the care and concern the teachers and staff show students and the way they invest in our kids both academically and spiritually."

The Magrum family has been at BG Christian Academy for almost a decade. Craig and Gayle’s oldest son attended through middle school and their youngest son is currently in 3rd grade here at the Academy. Gayle also serves as a classroom aide and student monitor for us. Read on to find out why they love BG Christian!

Why did you choose BG Christian Academy for your children?

We chose BG Christian for its high academic standards and preparation for our sons, but equally as important to us was the Christ-centered education the school provides that supports us as parents in raising our boys to know Jesus.  There are two critically important communities we need as parents who follow Jesus in order to come alongside us in “training up our children in the way they should go (Proverbs 22:6)”: 

1) The Church.  2) Our kid’s school.  

What do you love most about BG Christian?

We love the care and concern the teachers and staff show students and the way they invest in our kids both academically and spiritually.  

What is one word that best describes BG Christian? Tell us why you chose that word.

Caring.  The faculty and staff take a personal interest in helping our kids learn the best they can in their individual learning styles, while also showing them the love of Jesus in real, everyday, tangible ways.  

In what ways have you seen your children grow and develop as a result of their experience here?

We love seeing our youngest come home having learned and memorized various verses of God’s Word, while also developing his love for art, math, and history.  His spiritual and academic curiosity continues to grow every year.  

How is the school preparing your children for college and life?

For our oldest, the school supported us in introducing him to Jesus so that as he grows in his adulthood he will look to God’s direction and will for his life.  They gave him an academic base and foundation to build his vocational, hands-on work and career on.  For our youngest, the school is challenging his mind and teaching him to learn the basics of math, English/grammar, science, history and more, while also challenging him to think critically while also getting to know his Creator that gave him the ability to learn in the first place.  Building his academic and spiritual foundation now will give him a firm base to build the rest of his life and calling on.

What would you tell another parent to encourage them to consider enrolling their child at BG Christian?

If you’re trying to raise your children to be lovers of knowledge, to be able to think critically, and to also grow in their knowledge, relationship and love of God; exploring and considering an educational partner like BG Christian for your child’s education and spiritual formation is worth the investment.

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