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The Przeslawski Family Story

Updated: Apr 26

"I love the family atmosphere. Everyone is so warm and welcoming and the staff truly care."

BG Christian family - the Przeslawski's

Lorna and Scott Przeslswski joined the BG Christian family in fall of 2022 as their son Emmett entered our preschool program with the Jr. Lions 5 Day class. Now finishing his Kindergarten year, Emmett continues to grow and flourish in a welcoming and caring environment. Read on to hear from Lorna and Scott about how the Academy has nurtured this growth, and why they chose BG Christian for their little lion. 

Why did you choose BG Christian Academy for your child?

We had looked into a few other schools but once we stepped foot in the door it just felt like God led us right to this school. I knew when I left the tour I would be enrolling our son.  

What do you love most about BG Christian?

I love the family atmosphere. Everyone is so warm and welcoming and the staff truly care.  

What is one word that best describes BG Christian? Tell us why you chose that word.

It’s hard to choose just one word but “giving” would be what I can pick as the best one. Giving to God, giving to the community, giving to the students and families. 

In what ways have you seen your child grow and develop as a result of their experiences here?

Our son has grown academically and I love watching him as he continues to learn new things such as reading and math. Spiritually, he is growing as well. He is learning new songs, Bible stories, and doing the best in God’s eyes. He cares about his friends and teachers as well. 

How is the school preparing your child for college and life?

He is in an environment that allows him to be his best self and a kind boy who cares about others and helping anyone in need. Academically I believe this school will enrich and fulfill him enough to strive to learn as much as he can to set him up for success.   

What would you tell another parent to encourage them to consider enrolling their child at BG Christian?

Take a tour and meet the staff! Listen to everything they have to share about their school and you will know you are making the right choice.

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