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The Keylock Family

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Our three boys have attended BG Christian Academy since they were in preschool. As parents, having a school that honors Christ and teaches the Bible and biblical truths is priceless. It is a wonderful experience to hear our boys singing a worship song that we don't recognize, or talk about something from the Bible that we hadn't discussed at home recently, and have them say, "I learned that at school." That strong foundation in Christ is what will carry them into the world as they grow and mature.

The staff and faculty are top-notch. They do their jobs with excellence, but they add something more: a true love for the children and desire to help them grow in their own faith and knowledge of the Word. We appreciate so much the way all different situations are handled. Discipline is done lovingly and consistently. Truth is the cornerstone of the teaching curriculum and activities. The students know they are valued. And there is a lot of FUN. BG Christian really feels like a family, and our boys are always excited to go back in the fall.

We highly recommend this school to any family who is seeking a clean, godly atmosphere for their children, with high academic standards, excellent and devoted faculty and staff, and a great family environment.

-Todd and Leigh Keylock

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