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Senior Spotlight - Maddi Crawford

Picture of female student with a description of her high school memories

Saying goodbye to a special place like BG Christian can be bittersweet, but for senior Maddi, it's also filled with excitement for the future! Let's take a look back at her journey and what lies ahead in her Senior Spotlight...

Maddi's BG Christian experience began in 3rd grade and continued through 5th. After a break, she returned for her junior and senior years. During her time here, she actively participated in volleyball, cross country, basketball, and the worship team. She also found leadership opportunities in Student Council and the National Honors Society.

Looking back, a few teachers truly stand out for Maddi. Mr. Bock made learning fun and brought laughter to the playground. Mrs. Humphries' cheerful personality and willingness to share a laugh made classes enjoyable. And Mrs. Magrum's dedication to her students and celebrating their successes left a lasting impression.

When asked about her proudest accomplishment at BG Christian, Maddi highlights joining Student Council and the Worship Team. These experiences not only fostered her leadership skills but were also a source of great enjoyment.

Her favorite memories are a mix of fun and unforgettable moments. 5th-grade camp holds a special place in her heart, along with the annual Community Days that brought the school together. These are most memorable "because of all the funny memories we made and moments we remember." said Maddi.

One thing Maddi truly cherishes about BG Christian is the unwavering support system.  A personal experience solidified this value for her.  During a challenging time for her family, the school's encouragement and compassion made a significant difference.

After graduation, Maddi plans to attend South Eastern University, pursuing a degree in Ministerial Leadership.  Her faith has always been a guiding light, and she feels called to serve future generations. We wish her all the best as she embarks on this exciting new chapter, and know that God is going to do some amazing things through her!

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