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Senior Spotlight - Liana Cooley

Updated: May 29

Senior girl with a list of some high school memories and where she's going to college.

In this Senior Spotlight, we congratulate senior Liana Cooley, who has been a BG Christian Lion since Kindergarten! Liana has been a vibrant part of our school community, participating in a wide range of activities like GEMS, Chess Club, Spirit Club, Latin Club, Student Council, and – a trailblazer for all things spirited – the Flag Corps!

Reflecting on her time at BG Christian, Liana credits several teachers who made a lasting impact. "Mr. Bock in fifth grade fostered a sense of community that I'll never forget," she shares. "He made learning fun and helped our class become incredibly close." Highlighting the importance of a supportive environment, Liana adds, "Mr. Murphy (English 9-11) created a safe space for open discussions and treated us with respect, even when we disagreed." Mrs. Richards (Science 11-12) is another teacher who stands out for Liana. "She incorporated mental health discussions and a variety of learning methods, always connecting science to our faith."

Liana's most cherished accomplishment? Being a founding member of the Flag Corps and the first senior to graduate from the program! It's clear her passion for this activity runs deep. When asked about her favorite memories, Liana recounts several: acting out Macbeth with props in English class, performing a Jesus vs. Animal Farm character rap (talk about creativity!), and the life-changing experiences of the school retreats. But her most emotional moment? Performing with the Flag Corps at senior night this year. "It was a way of saying 'I'm here. I'm not giving up,'" she reflects, a testament to her strength and perseverance.

What does Liana hold most dear about BG Christian? The strong sense of community! "The teachers genuinely care, and the small class sizes create a supportive environment," she shares. These are the very qualities BG Christian strives to cultivate, and Liana's experience exemplifies their success.

As Liana sets sail for Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana, to pursue a degree in English Education, we know she'll carry the spirit of BG Christian with her. Inspired by her own impactful teachers, she's ready to make a difference in the lives of future students. We at BG Christian are incredibly proud of Liana for receiving $25,000 in scholarship for each year at Grace College. May God continue to bless your path Liana!

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