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Senior Spotlight - Liam Kurth

Picture of male student with short description of his experience at the school.

Everyone knows Liam around BG Christian - our graduating senior with the booming bass voice in the choir! Liam might not have his college plans solidified yet, but there's no doubt he's leaving his mark on the school. Check out his experience in this Senior Spotlight...!

Though Liam has been a BG Christian Lion for just his senior year, his time here has been filled with lots of music and memories.  He credits people like Mr. Schaser and Mrs. Spencer for making a big impact on his time here, but his proudest accomplishment?  Being known as the "utility guy" by everyone in the upper grades.  Liam's always there to lend a hand, and the right "tool" no matter what the situation.

Speaking of lending a hand, Liam's favorite memory is the Life Planning Retreat this past fall. It seems those senior shenanigans can be pretty special after all!  And what is it about BG Christian that Liam hopes never changes? The strong sense of community, of course!  As he puts it, "The controlled chaos sets it apart from any public school I've been to."

While Liam joins the workforce as he figures out his next steps in education, he did snag a cool $1,000 scholarship to Cedarville University.  Wherever he lands, we know Liam will bring his booming voice, helpful spirit, and love for a good time.  Congrats, Liam, and best of luck on your next adventure!

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