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The Grills Family

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

We are the Grills Family and we are so fortunate to have found Bowling Green Christian Academy for our three children. As a family that originally started schooling at home, making the decision to transition to a “brick and mortar” school was a big one. The two key things that we began looking for in a school were small classes in a tight knit school community, and strong Christian values and teachings. Bowling Green Christian Academy had both of these keys.

We visited during an open house, to check out the campus and meet some of the staff and other families. The faculty and staff were tremendous, very friendly and welcoming to the “new family”. The passion that they have for their students is evident, and their commitment to Christian values is just as present. That dedication to teaching the mind and heart of the students is something that we are so happy to have found in a school.

We are now in our second year at BG Christian and continue to have wonderful experiences with the staff and other families. We are excited to see what the future holds for our children as they grow and learn, and we cannot thank the school enough for what it has done for them, as well as our whole family.

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