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Staff Spotlight: Kathy Watkins

Updated: Jul 11

Preschool teacher sitting in front of her class

Mrs. Watkins isn't just a teacher at BG Christian; she's a familiar face for many families. Her own children have been attending the school for years, and it was witnessing the dedication of the teachers firsthand that truly drew her in. "I saw how much the teachers poured into their lives, academically and spiritually," she explains. "So when God opened the door for me to join the team, I knew it was the right choice."

This isn't Mrs. Watkins' first appointment in education. She brings with her almost 18 years of experience, having taught in public and private schools across Kentucky, Texas, and now Ohio. Her passion for learning extends beyond the classroom walls, holding both a Bachelor's in Elementary Education and a Master's of Education from Cedarville University.

When she started at BG Christian in the fall of 2021, she began by subbing, eventually transitioning into teaching preschool the following spring. Now, she enjoys loving and nurturing young minds in the Jr. Lions 3 Day and Cubs classes.

But Mrs. Watkins' life isn't all about lesson plans and playtime. In her free time, she loves exploring new places with her family. Whether it's hitting the nature trails, tending to her flower garden, putting together puzzles, or curling up with a good book, she cherishes these moments of connection and relaxation.

Speaking of exploration, Mrs. Watkins has a secret weapon for convincing her family to tag along on new adventures: her National Parks and Historical Sites book. "My family knows we're definitely going somewhere fun in the summer," she laughs, "because that means another stamp for my collection!"

As we close out this Staff Spotlight, there's one more fun fact Mrs. Watkins reveals with a grin: "Who Dey?! I'm a huge Cincinnati Bengals fan!" So, if you ever hear a spirited cheer echoing down the school hallways on game day, you might just know who to thank.

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