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Lion’s Sports

At BG Christian, our goal is to continually improve what we are able to offer our students.  Our athletic program strives to encourage teamwork, sportsmanship, and strength both in body and character.  If there is a sport or extracurricular activity that your student wants to play, but we do not offer at this time, the State of Ohio permits students to attend a private school and still participate in their local school districts sports.  *see section 3313.5312 of the Ohio Revised Code*

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**CLICK HERE to see the Athletic Calendar for Open Gym times and Fall Sports schedule**


Fall Sports:

*Co-Ed Cross Country (Kindergarten-12th grade)

*Elementary Girls Volleyball (4th grade – 6th grade)

*Jr. High Girls Volleyball (7th grade & 8th grade)

*High School Girls Volleyball (9th grade – 12th grade)


Winter Sports:

*Elementary Boys Basketball (4th grade & 5th grade)

*Elementary Girls Basketball (4th grade – 6th grade)

*Jr. High Boys Basketball (6th grade – 8th grade)

*Jr. High Girls Basketball (7th grade & 8th grade)

*High School Boys Basketball (9th grade – 12th grade)


Spring Sports:

*Jr. High Track (7th grade & 8th grade)


If your student is interested in a sport or for other questions about athletics, contact our Athletic Director at rboron@bgchristian.org

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