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Does your school teach Common Core?

The state allows non-public and charter schools to choose their own curriculum. Though there are advantages and disadvantages to Common Core, we choose not to use the Common Core curriculum in our teachings. Many of our curriculum choices are faith-based including Biblical Choice, Bob Jones, and Abeka.

Are financial aid and/or scholarships available?

Both of these items are available through an application process for qualifying families. Scholarships

are limited each year and may have specific requirements. State scholarships may also be available. Please refer to our Financial Aid and Scholarships page under the “Admissions” tab above.

What is the Student/Teacher ratio?

The school standard student to teacher ratio is 20:1. We believe that smaller class sizes promote a better learning environment and allows for more individual instruction. A majority of our current classes fall below this number.

Is the school a part of a certain church or denomination?

Though we partner with two different churches, we are a private, interdenominational, Christian school. This means our faith message is about the love and teachings of Jesus Christ, not specific interpretations of different denominations. Please see our Statement of Faith and Parent/Student handbook for more details.

Bowling Green Christian Academy