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Pay Now or Pay More

Jeff Palmer, a BG Christian parent and father to our first K-12th grade alumni, Lexie Palmer, met with the school to talk about his investment in private Christian education. “Of course it was a spiritual and educational investment in my daughter” Jeff said, “but looking at our family’s financial investment, and eventual gain, confirmed that our decision to complete high school with BG Christian was the best decision we could …Read More


In marketing, the challenge is often “What story are we trying to tell?” and “Who are we trying to tell it to”? I started at the Academy back in 2013 as the Admissions/Marketing Director charged with specific goals of raising awareness about the school, and building on the foundation set by many years of  providing “high quality, distinctively Christian, education.” Why do I share this with you? I know that those …Read More

New Staff Hire!

We are excited to announce the new hire of Ian Gustafson as our new Marketing and Development Associate here at BG Christian. Ian is a graduate of BGSU in 2016 with his degree in Finance. Ian is also on staff with H2O Church here in BG for almost two years. He is excited to use his skills and experiences to “help out this awesome ministry.”  Please help us welcome Ian!

I Forgive You…

A little girl in our class, a very quiet and soft-spoken child, came to me at the end of Chapel this past Thursday, and said “I have to say ‘I forgive you to ____.’” Surprised, I said “Of course.”  I went with her over to the First Grade class, we approached the little boy who had offended her, and she immediately told him “I forgive you.”  He apparently knew exactly why …Read More

Trip Recap – TeenPact

By Lindsay K. 8th Grd. 8th grade went on a trip to Ohio’s Capital for TeenPact.  We learned about the government and got to meet friends.  Some of the things we did were the field experiences, where we learned about things like Bill Analysis, how the Judicial Branch works, and we interviewed Lobbyists.  The trip was on April 25 and lasted about 4 days.  We came back Thursday.  We also …Read More

My Take on #FaithInAction

by Anna Z. 7th Grd. This year the students at Bowling Green Christian Academy have been focussing on putting our faith in action. Faith in Action to me means following God everywhere- all the time even when it’s hard. This year I have seen many students at Bowling Green Christian working to put their faith in action. For example my friend Macey Thomas worked to step out of her comfort …Read More

What is “Faith In Action”?

by Colton M. 6th Grd. What does faith in action mean to you? Faith in action to me means you to help people without a reward or to do above and beyond the regular social norm of society. How have you seen others put their faith in action? The Student Council is a great, shining example of putting faith into Action.  Examples of their actions include hearing complaints from students …Read More

Be A Good Teammate :)

by Lauren S. 5th Gr. Kids should be taught how to be a good teammate if they’re on a team, and this is how. When they make a mistake you can tell them “Good job” or when your team looses tell them they “did a very good job”. If your team wins congratulate them. That is also a start to a good friendship. that is how to be a good …Read More

My Take on Choir

By Macey Thomas Just in case you didn’t know, we do have a choir at our school. It is very fun! Choir is open to all students in grades 6 through 12. In previous years Mrs. Dally directed the choir, but this year Mrs. Hudson is the choir director. Choir class is held during 7th period on Tuesdays and Thursdays and meets in room 133/135. We have at least two …Read More

What We’re Thankful For (Pt.2)…

Here is Part 2 of “What We”re Thankful For” from our Upper Campus students on what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving season.  To quote our Principal Mrs. Wendie Cuckler “This is why we do what we do.” I am very prone to complaining about how hard my life is. I’ll complain about the amount of homework I have or that the house ran out of ice cream. This is ridiculous. …Read More

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