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Pay Now or Pay More

Jeff Palmer, a BG Christian parent and father to our first K-12th grade alumni, Lexie Palmer, met with the school to talk about his investment in private Christian education. “Of course it was a spiritual and educational investment in my daughter” Jeff said, “but looking at our family’s financial investment, and eventual gain, confirmed that our decision to complete high school with BG Christian was the best decision we could have ever made.” Jeff went on to explain how he was able to break it down…

*$52,000 = 13 years at $4,000 annual tuition (average over his daughter’s time at BG Christian)

*$10,440 = Daughter was able to take College Credit Plus classes at BGSU her Junior and Senior years at no cost to them (approximate with books and 6-9 credit hours each semester) 12 credits x $435 (BGSU Credit Hour) x 2 years = $10,440 savings

The factors that made for College Credit Plus at BGSU possible are the following:

  • Let me mention that my daughter is smart but is not a “Brainiac”
  • The small class sizes allowed Lexie to understand every concept before the class moved on
  • Not teaching to the State graduation test
  • The preparedness that BG Christian has given. In most cases, Lexie was 1-2 years ahead of the public system
  • The size of the school allowed Lexie enormous opportunities to lead groups, clubs, Student Council and ministry out reaches. This was huge!
  • Lexie received a $56,000 scholarship from Anderson University due to her 4.00 GPA and ACT scores

The Numbers:

               $52,000               Tuition paid for 13 years

               $10,440                College Credit Plus Savings

                $56,000              Anderson University Scholarship

                $22,000              Savings on 1 year at Anderson University as she will graduate in 3 years

                $36,440               Total additional savings over and above the amount of tuition paid to BG Christian

“Looking at the ever-increasing market inflation, I would rather pay up front now than wait to pay in the future.” Jeff mentioned as he was adding up the cost incurred over his daughter’s time at the Academy, “…and even though we paid over $52,000 in tuition during Lexie’s schooling, in the end, because of the opportunities she had at BG Christian, college credits and significant scholarship money outweighed what we initially invested. It was a win/win for us!”

Jeff went on to tell us how much of an impact the school had on his daughter, not only with great academics, but with the spiritual preparedness he felt that she had upon graduation. “I see Christ shine through in everything Lexie does, and I know it was because BG Christian came alongside our family to help prepare her to become the Christian leader that she is today.” Jeff also added “I can’t wait to see how God will continue to work in her life as she pursues her MBA and future career. Since she will graduate with a business degree in 3 years, she can now get her MBA and be done in 4 years!”

As many know, private education does come at a financial cost, but the families at BG Christian recognize the current and future impact that Christian education has. “Cost is always a significant factor in sending your student to a private Christian school,” said Jeff, “but even with everything we invested financially in the school, I feel that I came out ahead in the end.” Jeff is also excited that his younger daughter, Maddy, will be graduating from BG Christian in 2019 and can’t wait to see where God leads her. “My family and I are firm believers that God will always provide!”

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