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In marketing, the challenge is often “What story are we trying to tell?” and “Who are we trying to tell it to”? I started at the Academy back in 2013 as the Admissions/Marketing Director charged with specific goals of raising awareness about the school, and building on the foundation set by many years of  providing “high quality, distinctively Christian, education.”
Why do I share this with you? I know that those of you who have been with the school for many years may just be in the habit, but I want to challenge all of you not to use ‘BGCA’ in your communications (verbally, email, social media post, written, etc.), instead use BG Christian. I realize the other way is easier to type or maybe faster to say, but there really is reason behind it…
In a community that prides itself on acronyms, how do we differentiate ourselves?:
*BGCC (Covenant Church)
*BGCC (Chamber of Commerce)
*BGCC (Community Center)
The second reason, and probably most important, we take CHRISTIAN out of our name when we use BGCA. Hopefully this speaks for itself, but when Christ is the center of our learning, teaching, athletics, school policy and everything thing else that we do, what better reminder then to say it out loud to all we encounter.
Thank you for accepting my challenge and helping to keep CHRIST in BG CHRISTIAN. On a related note, there will be a jar in the office to put your dollar when it slips out (just kidding).
-Zane Powell
Bowling Green Christian Academy