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I Forgive You…

A little girl in our class, a very quiet and soft-spoken child, came to me at the end of Chapel this past Thursday, and said “I have to say ‘I forgive you to ____.'”

Surprised, I said “Of course.”  I went with her over to the First Grade class, we approached the little boy who had offended her, and she immediately told him “I forgive you.”  He apparently knew exactly why she was saying it, because he immediately said “I’m sorry.”

End of story, except that I was so blessed at the courage of this quiet little girl, so impressed that she knew she needed to say the words, “I forgive you.”

So many adults in our world could learn from these two little ones.  We need to say the words because He first loved us, He first forgave us.

What a privilege and a blessing it is to work in a school with such wonderful students and parents, to work where we can honor God with our words, and with our actions!

Mrs. Karen Herald – Kindergarten

Bowling Green Christian Academy