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Students Advance to District and Regional Spelling Bee

Just before Christmas break, the school held our yearly grade level Spellings Bee’s in First through Eighth Grade.  We would like to congratulate all of the 1st and 2nd place winners from each class:

  • First Grade:
    • 1st Place: Isaac Mairua, 2nd Place: Kenzie Kane
  • Second Grade:
    • (Einwachter) 1st Place: Addyson Brooks, 2nd Place: Evan Armentano
    • (Sniegowski) 1st Place: Malachi Below, 2nd Place: Wesley Davis
  • Third Grade:
    • 1st Place: Nash Valantine, 2nd Place: Cole Nicholson
  • Fourth Grade:
    • 1st Place: Madelyn Hubbell, 2nd Place: Maxwell Fleming
  • Fifth Grade:
    • 1st Place: Liana Cooley, 2nd Place: Kevin Spencer
  • Sixth Grade:
    • 1st Place: Will Deiter, 2nd Place: Sam Hise
  • Seventh Grade:
    • 1st Place: Anna Fyfe, 2nd Place: Stella Ferris
  • Eighth Grade:
    • 1st Place: Jack Hise, 2nd Place: Macey Thomas

Of these grade level winners, the following were chosen to move on to the next level and compete in the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) District Spelling Bee held on Saturday, January 14th at Monclova Christian Academy.  These students competed against others in their grade level from 5 different schools, with a total of 70 students in attendance:

  • First Grade: Isaac Mairua and Kenzie Kane
  • Second Grade: Addyson Brooks and Malachi Below
  • Third Grade: Nash Valantine
  • Fourth Grade: Madelyn Hubbell
  • Fifth Grade: Liana Cooley and Kevin Spencer
  • Sixth Grade: Sam Hise
  • Seventh Grade: Anna Fyfe
  • Eighth Grade: Macey Thomas

Of the students who competed at the ACSI District Spelling Bee the following students placed in their grade level:

  • Second Grade: Addyson Brooks, 3rd Place
  • Fifth Grade: Liana Cooley, 1st Place
  • Seventh Grade: Anna Fyfe, 3rd Place
  • Eighth Grade: Macey Thomas, 2nd Place

Students who placed in Fifth through Eighth grade were eligible to compete in the District Bee grand “Spell Off” at the end.  Of the students who were eligible to compete, 2 BG Christian students placed in the grand “Spell Off” and will be moving on to compete against many other schools and students at the Regional Spelling Bee later this year in Indiana.  Please join us in congratulating:

  • Liana Cooley on taking 4th place
  • Anna Fyfe on taking 5th place

Both of these girls had to go to tiebreaker rounds at the end along with Eighth Grader, Macey Thomas.  We will be praying God’s blessing on them as they go and we will keep you posted so you can too!

We also want to extend a special thank you to Mrs. Joanne Fyfe, Mrs. Amanda Valantine, Mrs. Anne Nekoranec, and Mr. Tyler Bock for giving of their time on a Saturday,joining us as judges at the District Bee!

Each student that competed in every grade level did such a phenomenal job representing what being a BG Christian student is all about!  We could not have been more  proud. Go Lions!

Bowling Green Christian Academy