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What is “Faith In Action”?

by Colton M. 6th Grd.

What does faith in action mean to you?

Faith in action to me means you to help people without a reward or to do above and beyond the regular social norm of society.

How have you seen others put their faith in action?
The Student Council is a great, shining example of putting faith into Action.  Examples of their actions include hearing complaints from students and still providing good environments for social events despite the constant complaining.  They also do not abuse their power and are very kind and thoughtful to others

When is the hardest to put your faith in action?
It is the hardest for me to put my faith into action as I continue to share the gospel with my father in hopes he will accept Christ.  He gets frustrated with me for how often I share with him about Jesus but I will continue anyway.

When is it less challenging?
It was not hard for me to put my faith in action when I serve the local population.  I enjoy going to senior centers to spend time with the elderly and make their last years on Earth memorable.  I enjoy giving my money away to complete strangers to bless them.  I really enjoy taking care of God’s creatures.

How would you challenge other to put their faith in action as we head to summer break?
I challenge you to put your faith in action by sharing the gospel with someone who does not know Jesus Christ in hopes of them joining God’s family.  It is a blessing to be with fellow brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ and to know Him through the truth of scripture, sermons, church and  through worship of Christ.

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