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My Take on #FaithInAction

by Anna Z. 7th Grd.

This year the students at Bowling Green Christian Academy have been focussing on putting our faith in action. Faith in Action to me means following God everywhere- all the time even when it’s hard. This year I have seen many students at Bowling Green Christian working to put their faith in action. For example my friend Macey Thomas worked to step out of her comfort zone and did devotions in front of the school in the morning before we began our day. I have also seen many people working to spread the gospel as Jesus called us to do in (Mark 16:15). The high schoolers have raised money to go on a mission trip to new york in these coming weeks. Many times it is hard to put our faith in action when we are around non believers, but God calls us to spread the good news to all. At Bowling Green Christian it is a lot easier to put our faith in action because we are surrounded by other christian believers trying to do the same, and we are all supporting each other through all our challenges. Through summer break it is important to continue to spread God’s word and continue to put our faith in action. The students should continue to support each other through are hard times, and challenge each other to put our faith in action each and every day.  

Bowling Green Christian Academy