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Dress Code: Good or Bad?

Excerpts from the article by Kirah Morrison (Senior – BG Christian)


A popular debate here at Bowling Green Christian Academy is whether or not students should be required to follow a dress code. The topic has come up a number of times over the years among the student body. Students often feel that dress code is unfair and that it limits their ability to express themselves, but there are others who see nothing wrong with a dress code or even enjoy having one.  Why is this such a controversial topic? Perhaps after reading this article students will see dress code differently.

One reason that having a dress code can be  a good thing is because , dress code requires students to wear a certain type of clothing, which results in a stronger sense of unity and equality among students. Personally, I think that when students are all required to wear a uniform or follow a dress code there is a greater sense of equality among them. Students all have the same type of clothes on and they all can relate to each other in this way. A lot of students dislike having a dress code, but this mutual feeling of dislike is actually a way for students to come together and discuss their feelings on the topic. I think that in order for students to grow they need to overcome challenges and deal with things that they don’t like. Having to abide by a dress code helps them express their feelings with others, understand other points of view, learn how to live modestly, overcome challenges, and learn to cope when things don’t go their way. Dress code also creates a more professional atmosphere and helps students to focus more on their academics and to have good behavior. This is important because it allows students to learn without the distractions that come from certain styles of clothing. They are more likely to be successful in their academic studies in this type of an environment.

When students have a dress code, their focus is no longer on one’s appearance, but on each individual’s personality. At Bowling Green Christian Academy this seems to be the main reason that there is a dress code in place. We want our students to focus on what’s on the inside rather than what’s on the outside. As Christians, we want to emphasize the idea that God looks at the heart and that our hearts are what make us special. The way that we look isn’t what’s important to God and it shouldn’t be very important to us either. We should focus on making our hearts healthy and beautiful before worrying about our physical appearance. When students are required to abide by a dress code they are going to focus more on each other’s actions, personalities, abilities, talents, and feelings. This will help students become friends with people who they might not have talked to if they were at a different school. Students will bond with more students and create stronger, longer-lasting friendships this way.

Overall, Bowling Green Christian Academy should continue to have a set dress code because it creates a sense of equality and unity among students, it lessens the chances of bullying related to a student’s appearance, and allows for students to see others’ value based on who they are as individuals rather than on what clothes they choose to wear. Even though, some students may have a hard time accepting the dress code, it will help them in the long run. Students are still able to express themselves in various ways. Maybe, dress code isn’t such a bad thing after all.

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