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BG Christian Baskeball

Article by Macey Thomas (BG Christian – 7th grade):

Bowling Green Christian Academy basketball starts this winter. The Varsity Boys’ team practices start on October 31st. November 27th is the first Varsity Boys’  game. This will be the Alumni Game. The Junior High Boys’ and Girls’ practices start on November 2nd. The Jr. High Boys’ first game is on December 1st. The Jr. High Girls’ first game is on December 10th. The Varsity Girls’ practices start on November 3rd. This will be the first year for the Varsity Girls’ basketball team.

These are some things the players had to say about BG Christian basketball:

“It is a fun activity to get a workout,” says Trena Wiseman, who plays on the Junior High Girls’ team. Hannah Miller, another Junior High player, says she’s, “excited for the season to start and to end.” Overall, Bowling Green Christian Academy is super excited to start this year’s basketball season!

Bowling Green Christian Academy