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Penny Contest to Support School Library

penny contestOur Annual Library Penny Contest begins this coming Tuesday Sept. 29th and ends Thursday Oct. 29th at the Lower Campus.  Students, parents and friends can help their “favorite” class win a pizza or brownies/ice cream party and their teachers a nice gift bag each!
For those who are new to this contest, a jar for each class will be set up in the library on Tue. & Thur. . Pennies and checks made out to BGCA with “penny contest” in the memo line count as points, all other coins and bills take away points (and thus are dropped in competing class jars). Winners are determined by the number of POINTS each class accumulates by the end of the contest. Competition results are posted at the end of each library day, and the winners will be announced at chapel a week or two after the contest ends. All money raised goes into the library account which supports the purchase of Christian books and magazines and other materials for the library.  Email bwinslow@bgchristian.org with any questions or if you would like to make a specific donation.
Bowling Green Christian Academy